9 Clever Ways To Use Epsom Salt In Your Backyard And Garden

source: Gardeners' Magazine

You probably have epsom salt on-hand to treat sore muscles and other aches. Although epsom salt is definitely useful for these ailments, it also contains properties that are extremely beneficial to plants. If you want your outdoor spaces to be in tip-top shape this summer, check out all the ways you can use epsom salt to help your garden grow.

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1. Deters Pests

Many pests that eat plants (specifically slugs and snails) hate epsom salt. Simply sprinkle some around your garden and they will be sure to steer clear of your precious plants and flowers.

2. Greener, More Lush Grass

For grass that’s long, lush, and green, use a seed spreader to sprinkle epsom salt throughout your lawn. Who knew that grass loved epsom salt so much?!

3. Bigger Peppers And Tomatoes

Some veggies, especially peppers and tomatoes, will thrive with a little bit of epsom salt. Just sprinkle some at the bottom of the planter and water regularly.

4. Sweeter, More Flavorful Fruit

Many people swear that epsom salt helps produce sweeter fruit with better flavor. Simply sprinkle the soil with epsom salt every two weeks or so until the fruit is ripe and ready to be picked.

5. Improves Leaf Health

If the leaves on your plants are yellow, dried, or curling on the ends, sprinkle epsom salt around the base of the plant before watering. The epsom salt will help to replenish any vitamin deficiencies the plant may have.

6. Healthy Palm Trees

source: Varuse

If you’re lucky enough to have palm trees on your property, sprinkling some epsom salt at the base of each will keep them from becoming too dry or yellowing.

7. Bigger, Brighter Roses

Many gardeners claim that epsom salt helps roses to be bigger and display brighter colors. Sprinkle some epsom salt at the base of your rose bush before watering about once a month to see results.

8. Healthy Soil

For soil that’s rich in nutrients, simply mix in some epsom salt. This trick is also effective for soil being used for house plants.

9. Transplanting

If you’re relocating a plant in your garden to a different spot, sprinkle some epsom salt at the bottom of the hole before placing in the plant. This will help the transplantation process to go more smoothly.