12+ Clever Uses For Binder Clips

sources: Laa Laa Living /The Straits Times

Most of us use binder clips from time to time in order to secure papers and keep documents together. However, did you know that these tiny pieces of stationary are super useful for a ton of other reasons, too? If you have some binder clips lying around the house, you’re going to want to bust them out!

1. Toothpaste Clip

In order to get the most out of your toothpaste tube, use a binder clip to fasten the rolled end and push the product towards the cap end. Clever, right?

2. Ironing Help

To ensure your clothing is lying flat against the ironing board, use binder clips to hold the garment in place. That way, you’ll get the most wrinkle-free clothing possible.

3. Tea Bag Holder

source: buzzfeed.com

If you love steeped tea, just use a binder clip to hold the tea bag in place. This will keep it from sloshing around in the water when you’re trying to drink.

4. Headphone Organizer

Instead of having your headphones in a jumbled, tangled mess, you can use a binder clip to secure them neatly and keep them from getting tangled.

5. Chip Clip

There’s no need for elastic bands — you can keep your chips fresh for longer by using a binder clip to secure the bag.

6. DIY Money Clip

Instead of having loose bills and cards floating around your pocket, use a binder clip as a much cheaper alternative to a money clip.

7. Photo Stands

Run out of picture frames but still want to display some new photos or other memorabilia? Just use binder clips to hold them up and display them nicely, but without frames.

8. Freezer Storage

Create storage space in your freezer by using binder clips to hang bags of frozen food from the wire shelf in your freezer. That way, you’ll have way more space for items that are not in bags.

9. Secure Tablecloths

Keep a tablecloth from blowing away on a windy day by securing it to your table with binder clips. That’s all there is to it!

10. Keep Clothes From Slipping

source: Pinterest

If you have items of clothing that are constantly slipping off their hangers, attach a binder clip to each end of the hanger. They will act as stoppers and keep the clothes from falling off.

11. Organize Cables

To keep your cables organized and handy, use binder clips to fasten them to the side of your desk or workspace. It’ll make it far easier to grab whichever cable you need, not to mention much neater-looking.

12. Instant Key Chain

Keep all of your keys in one place by fastening them to the handle of a binder clip. You’ll save yourself from having to go out and buy a keychain!