16 Clever Ideas For Decluttering Your Kitchen Counter

sources: The Happy Housie / Rain on a Tin Roof / Decor Pad

The kitchen counter tends to be the place in our home where things just get dumped. Between kids, pets, cooking, and the chaos of daily life, it’s never long before our kitchen counters look like a cluttered mess. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent that from happening! Here are 16 awesome ideas for decluttering your kitchen counter.

1. Cookbook Shelving

source: The 2 Seasons

Inexpensive Ikea shelving attached to the side of your kitchen cupboards makes for excellent cookbook storage that doesn’t take up very much space.

2. Wire Basket Shelves

source: Rain on a Tin Roof

Wire baskets hung sideways also make great shelves for cookbooks, potted herbs, and more.

3. Tea Tray

source: The Happy Housie

A tiered tray becomes the perfect tea station! Vertical storage always helps to conserve valuable counter space.

4. Strategic Cutting Board

source: OddityMall

How smart is this? This circular cutting board is designed to sit in the spot where your counters intersect, ensuring you are utilizing every possible inch of space!

5. Banana Hooks

source: The Family Handyman

Fastening hooks to the bottom of your kitchen cabinets is a great way to hang bananas and keep them from sitting on the counter.

6. Tray Storage

source: Houzz/Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Colors Specialist

A wicker or wood tray is perfect for storing and grouping together frequently used items like cutting boards and cooking oils.

7. Stylish Utensil Storage

source: The Picket Fence

Use a vase or crock as stylish way to store cooking spoons and other large utensils.

8. Hanging Plant Shelves

source: Growing Space Studio

Keep potted herbs off your counter and windowsills by displaying them on hanging window shelves!

9. Simple Spice Racks

source: The Nate Show

Spice racks are inexpensive, but they’re a super effective way to declutter your counters and pantry. You can attach a spice rack to the side or underside of your kitchen cabinets.

10. Magnetic Knife Rack

source: The Organized Home

Eliminate a bulky knife block from your countertop by installing a magnetic knife rack instead.

11. Glass Jar Storage

source: Porch Daydreamer

If you’re going to keep any sort of dried food item on your counter, you can at least make sure it looks good. Storing dried food in matching glass jars is a stylish and effective way to stay organized.

12. Store Small Appliances

source: Real Simple | alamy

Dedicate a cupboard to storing small appliances like the toaster, coffee maker, blender, etc. so that you can clear them off the counter when they’re not in use.

13. Hanging Mugs

source: Cotton Stem

Fasten hooks to the underside of your cabinets and use them to hang coffee mugs. That way, they’ll be off the counter!

14. Open Shelving

source: Grothouse

Multi-level open shelving is a great place to store dried foods, mail baskets, and other items that can tend to clutter countertops.

15. Tiered Spice Rack

source: Wayfair/Prep & Savour

How smart is this tiered spice rack? It’s perfect for storing spices, cooking oils, small jars, and more.

16. Coffee Station Cupboard

source: Decor Pad

If you have a free cupboard just above your counter, turn it into a dedicated coffee station! Your coffee maker, mugs, and other coffee supplies will never have to clutter your counter again.

Hopefully after reading through this list of simple yet effective ideas, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying clutter-free countertops. Happy organizing!