How To Clean A Swimming Pool Using A Tennis Ball

source: Homestructions via 123 RF/Joseph Belanger

I love having a pool in our backyard. It’s the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day, and it entertains the kids (and adults!) for hours on end. The only thing I don’t love about having a pool is the maintenance involved with opening, closing, and cleaning it. I feel like I’m always skimming, running the pool vacuum, emptying the filter, and ensuring the appropriate chemicals have been added to keep it clean. But alas – pool ownership does require a bit of work, and it’s worth it!

source: Lowe’s

If you have a pool, you’re definitely going to want to hear about the hack I’m sharing with you all today. We know how important it is to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays that come with the summer sun. And so, we tend to lather up with sunscreen (as we should) before spending a day out by the pool. Because of this, you may have noticed the greasy film that floats on the surface of the pool water when the oils from our sunscreen start to mix with the pool water when swimming.

source: Holabird Sports

To get rid of that greasy film, simply toss a few tennis balls into the pool. The tennis balls float on the surface of the water, absorbing the oils from the top layer of the water. After a few hours, simply remove the tennis balls from the pool, toss them in the washing machine, and they’ll be clean and ready to use again! This hack will also work with hot tubs.

source: YouTube/PoolBizGrowth

This hack is so simple, and I will totally try it if it means we can get rid of that shiny, gross layer of oil and grease that coats the top of our pool water after we’ve been swimming. Yes, the pool will still require a fair bit of maintenance – but this is one simple hack to help keep your pool water sparkling clean with minimal effort!