How To Clean In Between The Glass On Your Oven Door

source: Polished Habitat

Take a look at your oven door. Unless your oven is brand new (or you already know about this genius hack), the glass is probably spotted with drip marks and other residue. This occurs when food, grease, and condensation make their way between those two glass panes. The high temperatures of your oven cause this residue to burn and stain, leaving your oven door looking not so great.

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Did you know that cleaning in between those glass panes is actually extremely simple? If you open your oven door, you’ll see that the top ridge of the door is where the oven’s vents are situated. If you remove the screws holding the panel with the vents in place, you’ll be able to clean in between those glass panes and remove all of the stains!

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Now, it’s important to be very careful when removing the vent panel. In fact, this may be easier with two people. You need to support both of the glass panes so that they don’t slip out of place – you don’t need to make a bigger job by picking up broken shards of glass from the floor of your oven! All you have to do is spray a glass cleaning solution on the panes before putting everything back in place. For super stubborn stains, a combination of baking soda and distilled vinegar may be necessary.

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Now that you know this little-known fact about the majority of ovens, you can get in between those glass panes and clean away! If you still have your oven’s manual, it’s not a bad idea to take a quick read through it, just in case there is another method to removing the panel and cleaning in between the glass that’s specific to your make and model of oven.