8 Classic Julia Child Recipes That Every Cook Should Try

sources: Leite's Culinaria / Getty Images

If you don’t know who Julia Child is, you’re in for a real treat. Julia Child was a cooking teacher, author, and television personality who’s credited for introducing a love of French cuisine to America. Her famous cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking is a real classic, and it contains some delectable French recipes that everyone should try at least once. I’ve rounded up eight of the best ones – enjoy!

1. Boeuf Bourguignon

source: Garlic & Zest

This classic Julia Child recipe involves tender, slow-cooked beef that’s packed with flavor. I’ve had this recipe before, and my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

2. Cassoulet

source: The Heavy Table/Katie Cannon

This recipe is a French staple! It’s filled with white beans, stewed meat, and lots of herbs and spices. Delicious!

3. Coq au Vin

source: Leite’s Culinaria

This is one of the most truly classic French dishes: chicken, red wine, mushrooms, onions, bacon… need I say more?!

4. Quiche Lorraine

source: WGBH / Shutterstock

This is a knockout recipe for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Julia Child is a genius, let me tell you.

5. French Baguette

source: All Roads Lead to the Kitchen

A French baguette is the perfect addition to any meal. I mean, what’s better than French bread, fresh cheese, and a great glass of wine? Not much.

6. Vichyssoise

source: Ten Thousand Snacks

Sometimes the most simple recipes are the best ones. This chilled potato and leek soup is extremely inexpensive to make, but it’s certainly not lacking in flavor.

7. Chicken Waterzooi

source: American History

This recipe involves chicken and vegetables in a thick, creamy, simmered sauce. Sounds like the perfect dinner for a chilly night!

8. Tarte Tatin

source: The Purple Spoon

I wouldn’t dare think of forgetting to include a famous Julia Child dessert. And this sweet, caramel-infused tarte is a real showstopper!

Hopefully now that you know these famous Julia Child recipes, you’ll embrace the art of French cooking, and add some French cuisine into your life every now and then. Enjoy!