How To Make Classic Chicken Salad

source: Southern Living

I honestly think I could eat chicken salad every day and never get sick of it. Whether you’re eating chicken salad in a sandwich, a wrap, a big lettuce leaf, or simply on its own, chicken salad is a classic recipe that also happens to be delicious and full of protein. I’ve tried numerous chicken salad recipes in my life, but this one might be at the top of my list.

source: Daring Gourmet

Southern Living created this recipe, and does anyone do classic food recipes better than them? I think not. If you have some leftover chicken, you can use it to make this recipe. Or cook up a few fresh chicken breasts – whatever you have on hand.

source: Amanda’s Cookin’

This chicken salad recipe has such a delicious variety of flavors and the perfect amount of crunch, thanks to ingredients like chopped celery, red grapes, and dried cranberries. The nice thing about chicken salad is that you can totally customize it to your preferences. Just omit or add in different ingredients as you see fit!

source: Southern Living

Enough of my blabbing already – click here for the full recipe from Southern Living. Whether you’re spreading this chicken salad on top of crackers or making a big batch to bring to a family gathering, this recipe will certainly not disappoint. Enjoy!