How To Make A Christmas Cactus Flourish All Season Long

source: Shutterstock

Many of us choose to buy and display a Christmas cactus in our homes during the holiday season. Christmas cacti are beautiful plants and when they bloom, they’re even more beautiful. Personally, I’ve never had much luck with Christmas cacti before. If you’ve had a similar experience, the following tips are all you need to know in order to make your Christmas cactus flourish!

1. Water

Like most varieties of cacti, the Christmas cactus prefers dry soil. It’s best to wait until the soil is completely dry and has started to slightly change color before watering the plant.

2. Light

Christmas cacti like to be in full sun, but direct sunlight could prevent the plant from blooming. If you can place the cactus somewhere where it gets sunlight but the sun isn’t beaming down on the plant all day, this is the best location.

3. Blooming

In order to ensure your Christmas cactus blooms during the holiday season, limit the amount of water you give the plant throughout the month of November. This “provokes” the plant and will encourage it to bloom towards the beginning of December.

If you follow these tips and give the Christmas cactus the love and environment it likes, it may bloom multiple times a year for you! Thanks to Tips & Crafts for sharing these great pointers.