Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers Are A Thing, And They’re Just As Beautiful As They Sound

source: Etsy/NewHillFarms

There are few things I love more than fresh flowers. A vase full of beautiful blooms has the ability to bring life and happiness into any room, and if I could have fresh flowers in every room in my house all the time, I would! I’ve always loved sunflowers – the bright yellow petals and big, dark center create such a striking contrast, and it’s hard not to feel happy when looking at a sunflower. But did you know there’s a variety of sunflower that’s perhaps even more striking? And that’s a chocolate cherry sunflower!

source: Raw Earth Colors

Instead of bright yellow petals, chocolate cherry sunflowers have beautiful burgundy petals that become darker the closer they get to the center of the flower. This variety of sunflower can grow to be extremely large if you decide not to pinch them – about eight feet tall with an eight-inch flower!

source: Etsy/NewHillFarms

Pinching the plant will cause the sunflowers to grow shorter with slightly smaller flowers, but will also encourage them to produce more blooms. The great thing about this plant is that chocolate cherry sunflowers are extremely low-maintenance – water once weekly, and that’s about it!

source: Etsy/SeedVilleUSA

If you’re interested in adding these gorgeous flowers to your garden, you can buy the seeds on Etsy from NewHillFarms. You can buy 30 seeds for only $2.99, and each packet contains instructions for germinating and planting. These would make such a lovely fall bouquet – I need to order up a bunch of seeds now so I can enjoy these stunning, unique flowers this season!