11 Camping Hacks To Make Your Campground Weekend More Enjoyable

sources: Dumb Little Man / Instagram | Cathy Crafts

Camping is such a fun family activity. It doesn’t cost much money, and there are spots to camp in essentially every area. However, camping, specifically with a family, can get a little chaotic. That’s why it’s always helpful to plan ahead! Here are 11 awesome camping hacks to help make your next weekend getaway even more enjoyable.

1. Handwashing Station

source: Cathy Crafts

Especially now, we know how important it is to wash our hands. You can easily make a DIY handwashing station by propping a drink dispenser filled with water on a table, and placing a bucket underneath. Have some soap nearby, and a roll of paper towel for drying hands afterwards.

2. Scavenger Hunt

source: Hey, Let’s Make Stuff!

If you’re camping with kids, create a camping-related scavenger hunt beforehand! Kids will have so much fun racing around the campground, trying to check off all the tasks on the list.

3. Fire Starter

source: Kid Friendly Things To Do

Make some DIY fire starter prior to your camping trip by dipping cotton balls in Vaseline, then storing in a sealed bag. Toss some of the balls in your fire pit before lighting to help the fire catch more quickly.

4. Toilet Paper Dispenser

source: Dumb Little Man | instagram

If you’re really roughing it, your campsite likely isn’t going to have any sort of man-made washroom. When doing your business, you’ll want a toilet paper dispenser. Cut a slit in a plastic coffee canister, then put a toilet paper roll inside. You can hang the canister from a tree so you don’t have to bring a roll of TP with you every single time!

5. Prep-Free Breakfast

source: Free Recipe Network | Grocery Coupon Guide

Make breakfast a breeze by whipping together some eggs, peppers, onions, cheese, ham, or any other omelette ingredients you like, then divide into sealed bags. When you’re ready for breakfast, simply dump the bag into a hot pan, and voila! Breakfast is served.

6. No More Wet Shoes

source: According to Elle

If your shoes get wet while exploring, stuff them with newspaper! Newspaper absorbs water extremely well and quickly because there’s nothing worse than roaming around with cold, wet feet.

7. Comfier Sleeping Quarters

source: YouTube/50 Campfires

Who says that just because you’re camping, you can’t have a comfortable sleep? A cheap and easy way to pad your sleeping area is with those foam jigsaw pieces kids have in their play areas. This provides a very nice layer between your sleeping bag and the hard ground, without having to spend much money!

8. No-Prep Pancakes

source: Campstay

This is another great camping breakfast hack! Use a plastic piping bag or empty condiment bottle to store pancake batter. Instead of using multiple bowls and utensils, you’ll be able to squeeze the pre-made batter directly onto the pan in the morning. Genius!

9. Tick Protection

source: On the River 2009+

After exploring the woods, brush a lint roller up and down your clothing to catch any ticks that may have crawled onto you. If you’re camping with pets, be sure to check them carefully for ticks as well. Nothing spoils a camping trip like the threat of Lyme disease.

10. Unstick Tent Zippers

source: REI

Keep your tent zippers gliding the way they should be by running the waxy part of an unlit candle along the zipper. It may seem like an odd trick, but it works!

11. One-Pot Meals

source: She Dreams of Alpine

The secret to successful, stress-free camping? Prepping meals beforehand. After a long day outside, the last thing you want to do is spend tons of time making dinner. Prep one-pot meals beforehand – all you have to do is dump the ingredients into a pot on the fire, and wait until your food cooks!

Hopefully these easy yet effective camping tips will help to make your next trip to the campground much more enjoyable for both you and your family. Happy camping!