12 Brilliant Uses For Dryer Sheets

source: Instructables

Most people have a box of dryer sheets stored somewhere in their laundry room. Yes, they keep our clothing static-free and smelling fresh. But did you know that there are actually many ways to use dryer sheets around the house that have nothing to do with laundry? Instead of throwing out your old dryer sheets, you’re going to want to hang on to them.

1. Removes Dust

Dusters tend to just move dust around instead of picking it up. To remove and trap dust, just use a dryer sheet!

2. Freshens Up Hair Brushes

source: Wimp

We normally wouldn’t think to clean our hair brushes, but they can trap tons of dirt, hair, and dust over time. Simply stick a dryer sheet through the bristles and it will pick up all of the bad stuff.

3. Removes Static From Hair

Speaking of dryer sheets and hair brushes, if you stick a dryer sheet in your brush and gently comb through your hair, all of the static will be removed from it. Smart, right?

4. Makeshift Swiffer Pads

source: Pinterest

If you go to Swiffer the floors and realize you’ve run out of pads, just use a dryer sheet in its place! They work just as well.

5. Removes Stuck-On Bugs

Dried, stuck-on bugs can seem impossible to remove from vehicles. Just dampen a dryer sheet and gently scrub at the bugs on your bumper — they’ll come off much more easily.

6. Instant Air Freshener

Want your home to have that amazing, fresh laundry smell? Simply place a dryer sheet on the front of a box fan or attach one to the blades of your ceiling fan and turn it on!

7. Removes Soap Scum And Mildew Stains

To easily remove soap scum and mildew stains from the tile in your bathroom, just use a damp dryer sheet to gently scrub at the stains.

8. Removes Sweat And Deodorant Stains

If you get sweat or deodorant stains on your clothing, just take a dryer sheet and rub at the stain. No need to do an emergency load of laundry — the stains will come right off.

9. Repels Pests

source: Roshaa

If you don’t want insects hanging around your home, simply place a few dryer sheets throughout different rooms. Bugs hate the smell of dryer sheets and will be sure to stay far away.

10. Removes Crayon Marks

Did a tiny tot in your home decide that walls would be more fun to color on than paper? If so, just rub a dry dryer sheet on the marks and they will come off with ease.

11. Keeps Camping Gear Smelling Fresh

Before you store your tent and camping gear for the season, tuck a dryer sheet or two inside before you roll the gear up. It will keep away the musty smell for the next time you go to use it.

12. Picks Up Pet Hair

source: Getty images

To remove pet hair from your furniture, just rub a dryer sheet in the same direction all over the fabric. They are excellent for collecting pet hair.