9 Useful Bra Tips And Tricks

source: Unapologetically Opinionated / Vy's Closet

In my humble opinion, wearing a bra is one of the more unenjoyable aspects of being a woman. Between the tight, constricting feeling and prodding wires, I would certainly rather not wear a bra than wear one. However, if we must wear bras, we can at least make the process easier and more comfortable with the following tips and tricks!

1. Hang ‘Em Up

I always feel like I’m cramming my bras into a drawer and that because of this, they get damaged. Instead of storing them in a drawer, hang them on a row of hangers to save space and keep them in better shape.

2. Paper Clip

If a shirt requires you to wear a racerback bra but you only have a regular one, use a paper clip to fasten the straps together at the back.

3. Fix Pesky Underwire

source: Rebel Circus

If the underwire of your bra is popping out and poking you, put a barrier between it and your skin by cutting a piece of a pantyliner and attaching it to the area in question.

4. Shoulder Relief

If your bra straps start to hurt your shoulders, there are small, silicone pads that you can place underneath the straps for more comfort.

5. Preserve Your Sports Bra

Sports bras are designed specifically to wick away sweat, but repeated machine washing can strip the sports bra of its special coating. After a workout, take your sports bra into the shower with you and hand wash it instead!

6. The Fit Rule

If you can fit your whole fist underneath the back strap of your bra, it is too big. If you can comfortably fit two fingers behind the strap, it’s the right fit.

7. Bra Extender

If your bra is too tight and you don’t want to drop money on a new one (because let’s face it, bras are expensive), just use a bra extender.

8. Bra Bag

source: BestDealPlus

To preserve the shape of your bras, you should be putting them in a bra bag before throwing them in the washing machine.

9. The Backless Bra

If a shirt or dress is backless, sew an old bra into the front part of the garment for support without the straps showing!