How Putting A Bottle Of Water Beside A Cell Phone Can Boost Your Service

source: YouTube/Jordan Randomness

There are few things worse than needing to make an important call or send an important text, and being in an area with very poor reception. When you see that dreaded “3G” appear on your phone, you can bet you won’t be getting in contact with anyone anytime soon. Thankfully, YouTuber Jordan Random discovered a cell phone boosting hack that doesn’t require anything but a bottle of water.

When you need to boost your signal and get on an LTE network, start by placing your phone on a hard, flat surface (like a table). Then, place a bottle of water directly in front of your cell phone. Switch your phone to airplane mode, then switch it back after a couple of seconds. If your phone doesn’t have airplane mode, you can simply switch it off and then on again.

When you turn your phone to airplane mode and then switch it back, your phone is better able to search for signals. This, combined with the water bottle, seems to boost your signal even further (although the reasoning as to why is somewhat unclear). Regardless, this hack is useful for when you’re in a large building, underground parking garage, or remote area with very poor reception. You just never know when you’ll need to get in contact with someone! To see this hack in action, click on the video below.