The Benefits Of Replacing Your Lawn Grass With Red Creeping Thyme

source: Laidback Gardener via Amazon

Keeping our lawn free of weeds is the bane of my existence from spring to fall. Not only that, but keeping it looking green and healthy can be nearly impossible during a period of little rain and harsh sun. I just came across a great alternative to planting and maintaining grass in your front and back yard that I wanted to share. Not only does it look amazing, but it offers many environmental benefits too!

source: High Country Gardens

Red creeping thyme is an extremely hardy plant that produces beautiful pink-purple flowers. Many people are replacing their grass with this plant as it’s drought-resistant, doesn’t generally require any mowing, and it tends to take over weeds that might otherwise creep in. Many people also choose to plant red creeping thyme along walkways and in between patio stones as a filler plant.

source: Reddit/u/sheepgirl123

There are other perks to planting red creeping thyme, too. The scent repels pests like mosquitoes, but is a huge attraction for important pollinators like bees and butterflies. It also grows very quickly and spreads out in a fan-like way without growing too tall.

source: Laidback Gardener via My Food and Flowers

Though planting thyme in large amounts can be expensive, if you clear the existing vegetation out of the way and plant in small groups, the plant will eventually take over and spread out. I love the look of the vivid blooms, but I also love the idea of no longer having to weed, water, or mow a lawn. I think this will be one of my high-priority gardening projects this spring!