The Many Benefits Of Placing Irish Spring Soap In Your Gardens

source: Curbly / Gardening In A Drought

If you live in the country or close to a wooded area, your garden is probably being ravaged by squirrels, deer, and other critters. Although it’s nice to have these little guys around, they tend to destroy gardens and other vegetation that we work hard on throughout the year. However, there’s no need to resort to cruel traps and harsh chemicals to keep pesky critters away. All you need is some Irish Spring Soap!

You may be thinking, “What?! Irish Spring Soap?” And I wouldn’t blame you. However, many people swear by placing this unsuspecting ingredient around their gardens because animals absolutely hate the smell. And once it rains, the smell becomes even more pungent.

source: Relay Hero / Curbly

To make your own deer and other critter deterrent, you will need:

12 bars of Irish Spring Soap

A knife

6 mesh pouches or pieces of cheesecloth

6 wooden stakes (that stick at least 2-3′ off the ground)

A staple gun

Using the knife, carefully cut up the bars of soap into small pieces. Once you’re done, fill each of the mesh pouches or pieces of cheesecloth with the soap pieces. Use the staple gun to attach the pouches to the wooden stakes. You want the stakes to form a sort of perimeter or barrier around your garden or whatever vegetation you are aiming to protect.

And that’s it! You can keep pesky critters from munching on your plants without spending a ton of money or using cruel methods. Big thanks to Tip Hero for sharing this clever idea!