8 Beautiful Outdoor Plants That Don’t Need A Green Thumb To Grow

source: iStock

My mom has always grown the most lush, beautiful gardens. Me, on the other hand – well, I didn’t exactly inherit her green thumb. If you’re like me and want gorgeous gardens but aren’t a superbly talented gardener (or simply don’t have the time), check out these 8 plant varieties that are super low-maintenance, but still quite stunning.

1. Persian Shield

source: Green and Vibrant / Shutterstock

If you live somewhere that’s warm the majority of the year, you should definitely consider adding Persian shield to your garden. It only really needs watering when it’s extremely dry out, and it produces beautiful, eye-catching purple and green leaves.

2. Oakleaf Hydrangea

source: Heritage Flower Farm

This stunning hydrangea variety produces tiny, delicate flowers when it blooms. This is another plant that will do quite well in warmer climates, and it doesn’t need a ton of water in order to thrive.

3. Sea Thrift Plant

source: Gardenia / Dreamstime

This pretty yet tough plant can easily survive harsh, dry climates, as it doesn’t need much water. Plus, pests don’t like to munch on it!

4. Hosta

source: The Old Farmer’s Almanac via Pixabay

Hosta produce large leaves, and these plants prefer (and will thrive in) shady spots. They tend to grow pretty well in most climates.

5. Butterfly Weed

source: The Spruce via Getty Images/Danita Delimont

Butterfly weed produces vibrant blooms which attract lots of pollinators, including hummingbirds! This plant will grow in most climates, and prefers moderately moist soil.

6. Sedum

source: Miracle-Gro

Sedum is another plant variety that will happily grow in most climates. You only need to water it when the weather has been especially dry and warm – easy peasy!

7. Desert Rose

source: HGTV / iStock

This striking, flowering plant does well in hot, dry climates, as you can probably guess from its name. It doesn’t need very much water, particularly in the fall and winter, when the plant remains dormant.

8. Purple Rain

source: Gardenia / Alamy

This pretty flowering plant likes full sun, and doesn’t need to be watered very often at all.

Now that you know about these hardy yet beautiful plant varieties, hopefully you can be well on your way to planting a stunning and thriving garden. Enjoy!