8 Beautiful Flowering Plants That Deer Won’t Munch On

source: HGTV | ingehogenbijl/Shutterstock

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard where deer often visit, you’ll probably agree that the only downside is deer munching on the plants in your garden. Although you may not be able to protect all of the plants surrounding your home from hungry deer, there are certain types that they tend to stay away from. Here are 8 beautiful flowering plants that will be safe in your garden from deer!

1. Daffodils

source: The Old Farmer’s Almanac | rawpixel

Daffodils are one of my absolute favorite types of flowers that never fail to remind me of spring. Fortunately for us, deer don’t like the sap produced by these bright flowers, so plant them in your garden and you won’t have to worry about a deer snacking on them!

2. Bleeding Heart

source: Gardening Know How | istock/yanjf

Bleeding heart is one plant type that produces such intricate, dainty blooms, they almost look fake. Even though they are quite beautiful, deer don’t like them. Plant in a mostly shady spot for best results, as bleeding heart doesn’t like a ton of sunlight.

3. Lavender

source: HGTV | shutterstock/ingehogenbijl

One of nature’s most magical plants! In addition to the beautiful smell and many uses, deer do not like this flowering perennial. Another great thing about lavender is that it attracts our friends, the bees and butterflies! Lavender can grow to be quite big in just a year or two, so be sure to give it lots of room to grow when planting.

4. Periwinkle

source: Gardenia

Periwinkle comes in a variety of beautiful colors, but deer, rabbits, and other creatures don’t like the taste. Unlike many other flowering annual varieties, periwinkle doesn’t require deadheading – a big perk for those of us who don’t have tons of time to spend in the garden.

5. Coneflower

source: Garden Gate Magazine

Another great attraction for bees and butterflies, coneflower are not among the preferred meals of deer. Coneflower can grow to be extremely high, making them a great plant to grow as a backdrop for other smaller plants.

6. Corydalis

source: Glen Echo Nurseries | NetPS

Corydalis is a beautiful, lush plant that thrives in cool, shady environments. The blooms tend to be yellow or blue, and deer are not fans of this one. All the more reason for planting it!

7. Lungwort

source: Connon Nurseries | NetPS

Although the name of this plant may not be the prettiest, the blooms certainly are! Lungwort is another plant that thrives in shade, and most commonly produces blooms in blue, pink, and white. Deer don’t like them, but I sure do!

8. Winter Aconite

source: The Sproutling Writes

Last but certainly not least is winter aconite. As the name suggests, this plant will actually bloom in winter when there’s still snow on the ground, but deer won’t pay it any mind. They’ll continue to bloom past winter, producing bright, buttercup-like blooms. So pretty!

You now know of eight striking, flowering plants to incorporate in your garden this season! Even if deer are frequent visitors to your property, these varieties will be safe. Happy gardening, everyone!