How To Restore Burnt And Stained Baking Sheets

source: Hometalk

I don’t know about you, but I use a baking sheet or shallow baking pan at least once a day. In terms of cooking tools, these are generally the ones we tend to use the most. And with all that usage comes burnt-on food residue and stains. Baking sheets, pans, and casserole dishes are extremely hard to clean, but this clever hack will have them looking brand new again.

No need for industrial-strength cleaners or harsh chemicals. All you need for this hack is the holy trifecta of cleaning: vinegar, baking soda, and hot water. Most people already have these items in their homes, and if you don’t, the good news is that they’re super cheap.

All you have to do is sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda all over your stained baking sheets and pans, paying special attention to the corners and badly burnt areas. Next, pour distilled vinegar all over the pan. Finally, add enough hot water to the pan that the walls, corners, and all stains are completely submerged.

source: Today

Let the solution soak into the sheet or pan for about an hour, then use a scrub brush to scrub the residue and stains off. Rinse with hot water, and your cookware will look like new again! For especially stubborn stains and a large amount of stuck-on residue, you may have to repeat this process one more time. Happy cleaning!