How To Keep Your Holiday Cookies Fresh Longer


Every holiday season, I bake a few different types of treats and send them to friends, family, and neighbors. The only problem is that with baked goods that are traveling a longer distance, I’m constantly worrying about them becoming dried out and stale. And nothing is worse than a bunch of stale goodies!

That’s where this genius hack comes in. It will allow your cookies and other baked goods to stay fresh and moist, even if they’re traveling or being mailed. Thanks to America’s Test Kitchen for sharing this unexpected yet extremely useful tip!

source: Eggs

Before packing cookies or another dessert in a tin or other type of container, put down a layer of parchment paper. Then, put down a flour tortilla. I know what you’re thinking — a flour tortilla?! However, packaging your desserts with a tortilla or two will allow the air in the container to stay moist, thus ensuring your baked goods don’t become dried out.

source: YouTube/America’s Test Kitchen

Place another layer of parchment paper on top of the cookies so that the tortilla isn’t touching them. If you have a lot of desserts going in the container, repeat the parchment paper and tortilla strategy in a few different layers. Now that you know this hack, your baking will taste as fresh as it did the day you whipped it up! To see this method in action, watch the video below.