5 Helpful Cooking Charts To Make Your Cooking So Much Easier

source: Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking

For many people, baking is an enjoyable pastime. There’s something quite satisfying about making something delicious for your family, all from scratch. Although baking is relaxing for many people, it can also be difficult when you’re trying to convert measurements and find out other important information. That’s where these helpful charts come in handy. Print them out and stick them on your fridge for future reference!

1. Liquid/Dry Measurement Equivalents

I wish I had encountered this chart sooner! You’ll never have to convert measurements on your computer or phone again when you have this simple, easy-to-read chart explaining liquid and dry measurement equivalents.

2. Temperature Conversions

If a recipe states a cooking temperature in one form and your oven is in another, just consult this handy temperature conversion chart from fahrenheit to celsius.

3. All-Around Cheat Sheet

source: Pinterest

From what temperature meat should be to measurement conversions, this chart answers pretty much all of your cooking and baking-related questions.

4. Egg Substitutions

Baking for someone who’s vegan? No problem. This chart provides multiple substitutions for eggs in recipes.

5. Sugar Substitutions

Trying to cut down on your refined sugar intake? Just swap out sugar for these more natural, healthier alternatives.