Woman Warns Others About The Marks Left On Baby-Changing Tables

source: Facebook/Jessica Wayman

Being a parent, especially a parent to a baby, can be downright exhausting. We’re constantly fretting over whether or not they’re eating enough, if they’re a comfortable temperature, and if we’re protecting them from the endless list of dangers in the world. This may come as a big shock, but something as seemingly harmless as a baby-changing table can be one of those dangers.

source: Kaivac

Jessica Wayman took to Facebook to share some important information about baby-changing tables found in public restrooms. She urges all parents to always wipe down or a lay a blanket over a baby-changing table before placing a child on one. She explains that the black marks you will sometimes see on baby-changing tables are from burnt spoons; addicts use these as tables when they shoot up, and the tables could be covered in meth or heroin residue, as well as other harmful bodily fluids.

Jessica’s post quickly went viral, and currently has almost 174,000 shares. Amidst her post’s attention, Jessica explained that she, too, is a recovering addict, and this is how she knows about this very-real situation. She wants to warn unsuspecting parents in order to protect innocent children from injury, disease, and more.

So, the next time you go to use a baby-changing table, ensure that you either thoroughly wipe it down with a disinfecting wipe first or better yet, lay down a blanket or towel. Now that you’re aware of this information, you’ll be better equipped to protect your children. Thank you to Jessica for sharing this little-known yet important information.