16 Awesomely Unique Garden Ideas

sources: Kelly Elko / HGTV / YardApes

I take a great deal of pride in how my garden looks. And although the garden beds and individual flowers all look great, I’ve been looking for a few ideas to add some unique elements into the mix. If you’re looking for a little garden inspiration yourself, today’s your lucky day. Here are 16 creative and pretty ideas to apply to your own garden!

1. Chest Of Drawers Planters

source: Kelly Elko

An old chest of drawers makes for a beautifully eclectic, tiered planter! You could either leave old wood as is for a weathered look, or paint the drawers like they’ve done here.

2. Flower Pot Planter

source: Instructables

Make your own tipsy topsy tower of flower pots! It’s a great way to maximize the amount of flowers you can keep in your yard, especially when dealing with a small amount of space.

3. Cauldron Planter

source: Gotta Do The Right Thing

How cute is this spin on a “cauldron” hanging over a “fire”?

4. Old Wagon Wheels

source: The Scrap Shoppe

Old tractor wheels can be placed directly in the soil and be used to separate different plant types. So pretty!

5. Wheel As A Prop

source: Flea Market Gardening

Speaking of old wagon wheels, you can also use them as leaning props and surround them with flower pots and little planters.

6. Teacup Planters

source: The Garden Glove

How charming are these little succulent gardens housed in teacups? This would make such an adorable little grouping when placed directly in the garden or on an outdoor patio table.

7. Teacup Bird Feeder

source: Color Me Thrifty

Another great project using vintage teacups? You can make your own DIY bird feeder!

8. Stone Sitting Area

source: HGTV / Yardapes

Create a serene sitting area on a bed of flat stones with a fire pit in the center!

9. Statue Garden

source: Steve Whysall

Handmade metal sculptures always add a whimsical vibe to any outdoor space.

10. Handmade Pergola

source: The Spruce

A handmade wood pergola is a great way to create a secluded, relaxing space within your yard.

11. Trough Planters

source: Ambient Green

Make flower planters out of galvanized steel water troughs for an industrial yet country chic vibe.

12. Log Planters

source: Goods Home Design

Hollowed out log planters are super quick and cheap to make, and they create a charming, country feel!

13. String Lights

source: Jstash

Solar-powered string lights are a great way to add an intimate feel to any outdoor space!

14. Wicker Basket Planters

source: Grow Veg

Wicker baskets also make for inexpensive and pretty planters. I have three of them on my back deck at the moment!

15. Vertical Garden

source: Renew

Vertical gardens are extremely popular right now. They basically just involve hanging smaller pots or planters on a wall or rack of some sort. It’s a great way to bring a contemporary feel to an outdoor space.

16. Pond

source: DIY Craft Ideas & Gardening

Installing a pond isn’t necessarily the smallest project, but it can make for a wonderful statement if you have the space! Go big or go home, right?