12 Awesome Home Projects Using Cinder Blocks

source: Must Add Fabric Softener / Pinterest /Cottage Life

You may think of cinder blocks as rough, industrial-looking materials that are only good for building structures. However, cinder blocks can actually be used for a ton of gorgeous and creative projects! If you have some cinder blocks lying around your yard, these 12 projects might inspire you to repurpose them.

1. Pretty Planters

source: Musely

To make your own gorgeous planters, simply paint some pretty stencils onto cinder blocks, then plant flowers in them! You can experiment with color, designs, and how to stack them.

2. Space-Saving Desk

To make a super contemporary desk, all you need to do is stack four cinder blocks on each side, then sit a piece of wood over top of them. This desk idea is great because you can easily customize it to the size of your room.

3. Outdoor Bench

source:  Cottage Life

You don’t need to spend tons of money on an outdoor seating area when you can easily make your own! Click here for the full video tutorial on how to make this stunning cinder block bench.

4. Storage Bench

By stacking two rows of cinder blocks and throwing a cushion on top, you can easily make a DIY storage bench. Store shoes in the openings, and take a seat on the cushion while you put them on!

5. Fire Pit

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy s’mores around your own backyard fire pit? Click here for the instructions on how to make this simple and inexpensive project.

6. End Tables

If you’re looking for some modern and funky end tables for your bedroom, all you need to do is stack a few cinder blocks. They look amazing, and they also feature tons of storage space.

7. Entertainment Center

To make your own TV stand or entertainment center, all you need to do is stack a few cinder blocks and pieces of wood. It’s as easy as that!

8. Vase

How cute is this DIY cinder block vase? You could paint them in whatever patterns and colors you like, and they are extremely simple to make. Click here for the list of instructions.

9. Outdoor Stairs

source: Step by Step

If you’re looking to make your outdoor space easier to navigate, why not build some cinder block stairs? Click here to learn more about this great project.

10. Patio Bar

By stacking a couple columns of cinder blocks and fastening a piece of wood to the top, you can have yourself your very own patio bar. Paint the cinder blocks (like they did here) for an extra polished look.

11. Seasonal Display

Think of all the decorating possibilities that exist with this simple cinder block display. Arrange tea lights and gourds for Halloween, and greenery and pinecones around Christmastime.

12. Outdoor Stove

source: The Resolution

This is pretty wild, but you can easily make an outdoor stove using some cinder blocks and a few other materials.