How To Make An Awesome Fall Craft Using Broccoli

source: Glued to my Crafts

If the universe is looking for a spokesperson for the fall season, they should pick me. I truly come alive in the fall – I’m talking full-house decorating, baking lots of pumpkin treats, and an entire month of Halloween movies. And I’m certainly not opposed to partaking in a great fall craft or two! The craft I’m about to share with you is the perfect activity to do with the kids on a gray fall day. Plus, you’ll be able to hang it on the fridge as part of your fall decorating!

Glued to my Crafts created a broccoli-stamped fall tree craft that the kids (and you!) will absolutely love. The finished product is a beautiful tree with a range of colorful leaves, and you don’t need to have an artsy bone in your body to make it turn out wonderfully. Plus, you don’t need very many supplies, which is an added bonus.

You’ll start with the tree base – you can either draw one yourself if you’re feeling adventurous, or use a printable version instead. Then, you take some raw broccoli, dip it in red, yellow, orange, and brown paint, and lightly press the broccoli over the branches of the tree.

Easy peasy, right! Click here for the full set of directions, as well as the printable tree base. I can’t wait to make this craft with my kids this fall – it’s bound to keep them busy, at least for a few hours!