10 Amazing Uses For Onions That You’ve Probably Never Heard About

sources: TRUCOS Y CONSEJOS CASEROS / Scoop Whoop / Boredom Therapy / wikiHow

You already know that onions are one of the best vegetables to cook with. They’re good for you, and they add flavor to just about anything. However, did you know that onions are also a great natural health remedy? Here are 10 amazing uses for onions that will make you view this veggie in a whole new light!

1. Relieves Itchy Bug Bites

source: Fab How

Because onions are full of anti-inflammatory properties, they can help relieve the itch and inflammation caused by a bug bite. Just hold a piece of onion directly on the bite or apply a small amount of onion juice to the area.

2. Relieves A Sore Throat

source: YouTube/Valentina’s Simply Good Food

Peel off the outer, wax-like layer of onion skin. Brew the skin in some hot water. Remove the peel, add lemon and honey (to make it taste better), and gargle the solution. The anti-inflammatory properties will help to soothe a sore throat.

3. Purify The Air

source: The Easy Homestead

Another thing onions are great for? Removing toxins and bacteria from the air in your home. Simply leave a halved onion on a plate somewhere in your home and let it sit for about a day. Just be sure the onion is out of reach of pets, as onion is poisonous to them.

4. Reduces A Fever

source: Boredom Therapy

To help bring down a fever, apply some coconut or olive oil to the bottoms of your feet. Put a slice of onion onto the arch area of your feet, then put on a sock to hold the onion in place. The onion will help draw out toxins and sickness-causing bacteria from the body.

5. Soothes Ear Infections

source: wikiHow

To draw out an ear infection, slice up some onion and put it in a sock. Tie the end of the sock closed and hold it up to the ear. The onion will help to draw out bacteria and relieve some of the pain.

6. Combats Chest Congestion

source: wikiHow

To combat chest congestion, rub some coconut oil onto your chest and add some sliced onion over top. Hold a warm, damp cloth over the onion. The vapors released by the onion will help move mucus from the area and fight bacteria.

7. Rids A Cough

source: Everyday Roots

To help get rid of a nasty cough, coat a piece of onion in honey or brown sugar and eat it. Repeat multiple times a day. Not only are onions full of antiseptic properties, but they also contain sulphur, which helps to rid toxins from the body.

8. Heals Minor Cuts


Use the outside, filmy layer of an onion to apply to cuts. The antiseptic properties in onions will help ward off infection, while the anti-inflammatory properties will help to heal the cut more quickly.

9. Treats Nausea

source: Raoul Pop

To treat nausea and reduce vomiting, brew some onion skin in hot water. Drink two teaspoons of the onion juice, then drink two teaspoons of peppermint tea a few minutes later. Both the peppermint and onion will help to soothe an upset stomach and fight bacteria.

10. Helps Colicky Babies

source: Baby Center / Depositphotos

Although you should consult with your baby’s doctor before trying this method, onion juice can help to soothe a colicky baby. Just brew some onion skin in hot water, then let it cool. You can try giving them a teaspoon of the juice a few times a day.