15+ Clever Life Hacks To Make Daily Tasks A Little Bit Easier

sources: .homehacks.com/ ideabottle.blogspot.com

If someone could offer you a few ways to make your life just a little bit easier, you’d probably want to hear them, right? If so, today is your lucky day! Because I’m about to share 16 amazing lifehacks with you that you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without all these years.

1. Separate Your Shoes

source: One Crazy House

When you’re packing, put a shower cap over your shoes. By containing your shoes this way, they won’t get your clothes and whatever else you’re packing dirty.

2. Coffee Cubes

source: Flickr

If you like iced coffee but don’t like melting ice cubes watering it down, pour coffee into an ice cube tray and use those instead.

3. Precise Pancakes

source: Homehacks.com

To avoid spilling pancake batter everywhere, put the batter in an empty ketchup bottle for precise squirting.

4. Rubber Band Trick

source: Home Hacks

To prevent paint from spilling down the sides of a paint can, place a rubber band across it. Use the rubber band to wipe the brush with.

5. Shave Sweaters

source: Savvy Mode

When your knit sweaters start to collect pills, use a razor to shave them off!

6. Spoon And Pot Hack

source: Reddit

To prevent a pot of water from boiling over, place a spoon across the top of it. It’s an old-school trick, but it works!

7. Remove Shoe Odors

source: YouTube/Lifehacker

To remove foul odors from your shoes, stuff them with newspaper. The newspaper will remove moisture and absorb unpleasant odors.

8. Chill Your Wine

source: Spoon University / Photo by Lisa Gong

To chill your wine without watering it down with ice cubes, freeze some grapes and use those instead!

9. Organize Your Cords

To organize your cords and know exactly which one leads where, label bread tags and fasten them to the cords.

10. Perfect Cake Slices

source: Instructables

To cut the perfect cake slices, use dental floss instead of a knife.

11. Eyeliner Hack

source: Cosmopolitan

For precise, mess-free eyeliner application, use a piece of scotch tape as a stencil.

12. Door Latching Hack

source: Howdini/Youtube

To keep a door from latching shut, fasten an elastic band around both door handles to keep the latch tucked in.

13. Double-Duty Hangers

source: ideabottle.blogspot.com

To double the amount of clothes in your closet, use soda can tabs to fasten hangers to each other.

14. Hang Up iPad

source: Reddit

If your power outlet is in an awkward spot, use Command Hooks to hang up your iPad, tablet, or cellphone.

15. Dust Pan Hack

source: Central Steel Build

To fill a bucket that’s too big for your sink, use a dust pan as a DIY funnel.

16. Spaghetti Storage

source: Off The (Meat) Hook

To store spaghetti once you’ve opened the package, move the noodles into an empty Pringles container!