Kiss Mess Goodbye! The 30 Day De-Clutter Challenge For A Neater Home

source: Love and Marriage

Life gets busy, and our homes can become messy and cluttered. It’s completely normal, but living in constant clutter can totally throw off other aspects of your life. When the state of your home becomes too overwhelming, most of us have no idea of where to start. That’s were the 30 Day De-Clutter Challenge comes in.

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Print off this chart, stick it on your fridge, and tackle one de-clutter project every day. If you stay with it, organizing your home will feel much less stressful and by the end of the month, your home will look like a completely different space. Let’s get started!

source: Love and Marriage

Day 1: Every home has at least one junk drawer. Pick the worst one and sort through the random odds and ends that have ended up there. Keep only the most important things, and get rid of all the junk.

Day 2: Purging your closet is an excellent step towards feeling more organized. Donate any clothes that no longer fit or that you haven’t worn in ages. It’s also a good idea to organize your clothes by season or occasion.

Day 3: Most people have a basket or drawer of VHS tapes and DVDs. Keep the ones that are favorites or have sentimental value, and donate the ones that you don’t watch or don’t care for much.

Day 4: TV stands generally include a drawer or cupboard that we fill with old electronics and other junk. Sort through the mess and get rid of everything you haven’t missed, is broken, or no longer use.

Day 5: Most people have a mail pile of old bills, letters, and other correspondence lying around. File the important things in a file folder, and shred everything else.

Day 6: This seems so simple, but clearing off your kitchen table can make a huge difference in the organizational feel of your home. Food is the only thing that belongs on the kitchen table, so take this opportunity to clear off the other stuff.

Day 7: At the end of the first week, take your newfound confidence and tackle two kitchen cabinets. Get rid of stale food, things you no longer use, and other excess junk.

Day 8: Books are one of the easiest things to accumulate. It’s fine to keep favorite titles and books with sentimental value, but consider donating ones you’ve read and feel you can part with.

Day 9: Our wallets can quickly fill up with expired cards and old receipts. Toss the unimportant stuff and say hello to a de-cluttered wallet!

Day 10: And while you’re on a roll, clean out your purse, too! Purses should house your wallet, a pair of sunglasses, and maybe a lip balm or hand cream. Anything that’s not a necessity does not belong in a handbag.

Day 11: It’s important to regularly clear out your makeup drawer or makeup case. Throw away anything that’s expired or that you don’t use. This is also a good time to clean and disinfect your makeup brushes.

Day 12: It’s important to both clean and de-clutter your shower. Toss any products that you don’t use and limit your shower to only the necessities: shampoo, conditioner, a body wash/soap, and a razor.

Day 13: While we’re on the topic of bathrooms, take the chance to clear out your bathroom cabinets. Toss any products that you don’t use or have expired, and do away with other random tools and accessories that you don’t have use for.

Day 14: As a general rule of thumb, for every pair of shoes you buy, you should consider donating an old pair that you no longer wear. Go through your shoe pile and do away with the ones you don’t wear.

Day 15: It’s now time to tackle two more kitchen cabinets. When you de-clutter areas of your home in small doses, it feels far less overwhelming.

Day 16: If your linen closet looks like a disaster, go through bedding, towels, and whatever else resides there to determine whether you truly need or use all of it.

Day 17: Go through your medicine cabinet and check all labels for expiry dates. Toss anything that’s past its best or that you don’t ever use.

Day 18: We never think much about our freezers, but they can pile up pretty quickly. Even frozen food can go bad, so toss anything that’s been in there for ages and that you know won’t get eaten.

Day 19: Kitchen counters tend to be the spot for tossing down mail, handbags, and other miscellaneous items. Clear everything off and give them a good wipe down.

Day 20: Now that you’ve gained more de-cluttering confidence, take on another junk drawer. If you don’t have another junk drawer, take this moment to ensure your only junk drawer has stayed organized.

Day 21: Go through your fridge and toss any food that’s expired or you know you won’t eat. Wipe down the shelves and drawers, too.

Day 22: It’s now time to take on two more kitchen cabinets. By this time, you should be a de-cluttering pro!

Day 23: Most of us have random accessories floating around our homes that we don’t pay much attention to. Donate any items and accessories that you don’t really use.

Day 24: Go through your car and get rid of any old coffee cups, garbage, or items that don’t belong there. Don’t forget to organize your glove box and trunk, too.

Day 25: If you have children or grandchildren, go through their toys and donate all the ones that they no longer play with or care about.

Day 26: Now that you’ve donated unused toys, you can go about organizing the remaining ones. Invest in a shelving unit or baskets to organize everything and get toys off of the floor.

Day 27: On the topic of toys, it’s now time to go through old games. Keep the ones that still get used regularly, but donate the rest of them.

Day 28: Most of us keep our cleaning supplies under the kitchen or bathroom cabinets, so take this day to go through them all. Of course, keep the ones you use. But make sure everything is stored in an organized, neat fashion.

Day 29: It’s time to take on two more kitchen cabinets! Feel proud of yourself, you’re almost done!

Day 30: Organizing is the hardest part, and now you’re finished! Take this last day to give your entire home a thorough clean. Dust, disinfect, and make everything sparkling clean!