Pallet Planters & Pallet Couch Designs As Natural Outdoor Decors

balcony pallet

Using pallet planters or pallet couches has become a popular design idea. Because using it in designing provides a unique look. At the same time, the reuse of the pallet is an environmentally friendly action. Furniture and planters that you can create with this used wood will be DIY projects. So it allows you to do it in any size and shape you wish.

1) Pallet Planters: Create Natural Wooden Decors!

Pallet planters decorate outdoors in general. They add outstanding air to such spaces. Particularly, once they fit perfectly with rustic decors, they are bound to give off good vibes. For that reason, pallet planters matter a lot for balconies, terraces, patios, and gardens. Wooden pallet planters have all kinds of shapes and sizes. You may come across them as rectangular containers, square boxes, step boards, triangles, and vertical hanging planters outdoors. On the other hand, there are pallet balcony gardens with vertical ideas. This idea bears saving space for other decors. Also, it ensures a tidier look. These planters could be used as a shelf and potholder stand.

Pallet planters are cheap, natural, eco-friendly, durable decors. What is more, these planters are easy to make and suitable for DIY projects with step-by-step instructions. This way, you can make your pallet planter without any problem. Aside from their plain look, they could be modified by different tools and materials. In other words, various touches such as painting, carving, lettering could be added later then. As a fine finishing, for example, with polishing, coating, epoxy use, they may become more decorative and glossy.

2) Gardening In Pallet Planters

Aside from the garden design for landscaping purposes, pallet planters also provide advantages on a production-oriented garden. For that, rectangular containers and large square boxes are particularly necessary. Such planters have durability as well as a high capacity for vegetables and herbs. To exemplify these herbs, mints, oreganos, parsley, stevia, and so on come to minds firstly. On the other hand, vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and so forth could be a great option. To create a more productive garden, a proportionate mix of both vegetables and herbs and a lot of pallet planters should be considered. This way, you can both make money and decorate a garden properly by doing pallet gardening in a sense. In the end, such planters do great jobs. If you have a garden with the potential to design, keep these awesome planters in your mind.

3) Pallet Couch: Comfortable Seating Designs

Generally, those made of hardwood and softwood have wide fields of use. So they are fairly useful for almost everything. Thanks to the versatility of this material, furniture, flooring, and so forth take a significant place in our lives now. For example, you can design a pallet couch to use in your balconies. Designing a pallet couch is a cheap and functional way to have magical wooden furniture for your balcony. This DIY furniture will also be more comfortable when you use puffy pillows on it. In addition to these, the pallet couch shows up as a different design alternative, which meets many expectations in many respects.