How to redesign your home interior on a budget

Does your home need a facelift? You might be looking around your house and notice a few things that could be upcycled and refreshed. Interior design can be costly with new furniture, designer accessories and luxurious paint.

However, there are plenty of affordable options to turn your house into a glamourous chic space. From adding statement pillows to painting hardwood floors, here is how you can redesign your home on a budget.


When it comes to painting, you have two choices: bold or neutral. A fresh lick of paint can drastically change the atmosphere in a room and make it feel brand-new. If you want a minimalist home, opt for an understated neutral colour palette throughout your property. You can use bold colours through accessories and cushions for a pop of personality here and there. Neutral colours are flexible and will look great when deciding to change the statement colour in a few years.

Or, to add a bit more personality and fun to your home, go for a bold colour palette. Jewel tones are popular with unique city apartments right now. Add artwork, vases, cushions, trays and candles in various colours to make a statement. Whether you want to use paint or accessories, colour is an affordable way to change your room’s look.

Fitted furniture

Instead of spending money on trend-pieces, invest in high-quality furniture that will withstand the test of time. Give your bedroom a new look by installing a set of fitted sliding wardrobes for a sleek look. Furniture can be decorative and act as storage for all of your belongings.


The cheapest way to make space is to remove the clutter from your home. Remove all the ‘stuff’ from your surfaces, clean out your drawers and give it a deep clean. If you haven’t purged in a while, try tackling your property one drawer at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

However, if you want to restyle a room – shop from your stash. You can even spray-paint an item a different colour, retreat the wood and voila, you have a new piece.

Storage solutions

You need excellent storage to keep your home tidy and organised. With proper storage, you can make more room for relaxation and the minimalist feel. Go for hidden storage or shelves with a door to keep your home sleek. Open case shelving looks fantastic on Instagram – but can quickly become cluttered and messy.

Incorporate lighting into your storage solutions with LED lights around the top of wardrobes and lamps on drawers. Try to add different heights to the room with different styles of lighting to create a soft ambience. Lighting is a great way to style storage and make it look less practical and more beautiful!