Are you also suffering from fear and tension before exams? What to do? I suppose we can give you a hand with writing your papers, just contact WritingAPaper to get more details and terms of your work. Consider this psychological condition and effective methods of combating it.

Human life is a sequence of various examinations. We often have to pass a test to prove the authenticity of our social status, physical fitness as well as a level of knowledge.

1. A schoolboy before a test.

2. The student before a session.

3. The driver taking a driver’s license test.

4. A young pilot before his first flight.

These situations could be listed for a long time, but they all have the same exam stress in common. Every student faces this during a session.

Restless, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, constant anxiety are the most common problems. Frightening thoughts are typical symptoms of exam dread. Such a condition severely affects the cardiovascular and nervous systems.


Fear of exams can distort a person’s genetic apparatus, according to scientists at Houston Medical School. This, in turn, increases the possibility of cancer.

Researchers who have long studied the issue have concluded that exams, in general, are undesirable from a psychogenic point of view.

There is another opinion, which argues that examinations stimulate brain activity, thereby increasing cognitive activity.

According to the American scientist Sarazon, someone who is afraid of exams has a better chance of improving his performance than someone who is not afraid at all.

But there is one condition here – the examiner must treat the pupil kindly, praising more and scolding less.


Each person before the exam has to build an optimal preparatory strategy for himself/herself. To do so, you have to know your character and your character traits in depth. What is more, another aspect is a complete lack of inspiration, which can influence your results in exams. It must be remembered that low self-esteem in turn contributes to tension, so there is a good way to raise your self-esteem before an exam.

Appear at your exams stylishly and beautifully dressed.

“A person’s ‘second skin’ thereby not only affects the student’s self-esteem, but their self-confidence also determines the examiner’s favor.

– Autogenic training.

– Jacobson and Kue’s methods of self-persuasion.

– Relaxation.

Exhaustion, stress, and tension are constant companions of examinations. And while a person with a strong psyche can overcome such an ordeal more or less calmly, many people need to prepare. For such people to pass exams without unnecessary nerves and breakdowns, many rules need to be followed.


As we know, our brains work non-stop and there are over 100 billion nerve cells that control our bodies. To keep such a complex machine running smoothly, our brain cells need a lot of energy. For example, more than 20% of all the energy taken in with food is consumed by the brain on normal days. But on test days, this figure may rise to 30-35%. So nutrition plays a significant role in the success of an exam. On such days, it is best to eat non-acute food with the optimum number of calories. For Examples healthy foods rich in carbohydrates (rice, hard pasta, oatmeal), vegetable salads. A glass of warm milk or fermented milk is good for bedtime. It is not advisable to eat tinned food and plenty of smoked foods. It is better not to eat foods with a lot of sugar at night, as they prevent good sleep.

Many coffees, tea, or carbonated drinks are not recommended during the day, as you may get a deceptive feeling of energy, which will quickly go away, the memory process will deteriorate and fatigue will quickly set in. The best choice is to drink plenty of water during the day. An organism under stress requires more water. If it’s not enough, the body goes into a sleepy, sluggish mode, and dehydration can set in after a certain period. It’s also worth carrying a bottle of water to an exam as well.

It is a good idea to have a small amount of chocolate when you are sitting for an exam, as the fast carbohydrates in the chocolate will make your brain respond more quickly. The only thing to bear in mind is that the effect is short-lived.


If you feel that you are losing your temper, do the exercise below, which will help you to reduce your anxiety level.

This exercise can be done sitting down, even at your desk, unnoticed by others.

You should consistently tense all parts of your body hard, then relax your muscles. The exercise should start with the toes and end with the neck area. Keep the muscles in tension for less than 10 seconds.

After the exercise, sit for a few minutes in a relaxed state. There should be a ‘slow swimming’ effect – complete relaxation.

This exercise can be done sitting down, anywhere, and at any time.

The above methods and techniques will help an anxious student to release the basic tension and thus peacefully prepare for the exam. By the way, if you want to find more essential information about helpful services, go to the best essay writing service reddit and enjoy our list of educational platforms with all their benefits.

It is not difficult to find literature that gives detailed instructions on how to use these techniques.

Good luck!