7 Smart Ways To Keep Outdoor Curtains From Blowing


source: Facebook/Anna Lakin

Sarah Catrow member of the Homemaking Tips group asked for suggestions to keep the curtains from blowing in the wind to avoid keeping them tied. Here are7 genius ways group members suggested her:

  1. Sew some fishing weights in the bottom of them. You can get them from Amazon, they come into different sizes. Dip in bright or white paint and sew or clamp to the hem. Also works for shower curtains.
source: Amazon.com

2. Run a piece of 1/2 “ white PVC pipe through the bottom hem of the curtain.

3. Use the magnets…Paint them the same color as curtains and slip them into the hem.

4. Regular curtains have openings on both ends. Usually for a wooden dowel to weigh it down, you slide it in. But if it’s not budget friendly right now because of high wood prices you can also buy pool noodles at dollar tree, cut to size & spray paint the same color as your curtains. Then you can hot wax pennies in a straight line across the length of the noodle. You can also glue pennies first, then paint. This will give it weight.

source: Flickr.com/Jane Little

5. Put another rod across the bottom.

6. Get the balloon weights at the dollar tree and sew inside the hem on the bottom. You may need 4 for each panel.

7. Run chain drapery weights inside the hem.