20 Things You Didn’t Know About Costco and Employees Won’t Tell You

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I love Costco. I often shop there, and not gonna lie, the things I’ve recently learned about what goes on behind those massive, sliding glass doors have genuinely surprised me. As a Costco fan, I thought I knew the ins and outs, from snagging the best deals on bulk items to indulging in their famously cheap and delicious food court treats. But, as it turns out, there’s a whole world of secrets that most of us shoppers are blissfully unaware of.

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For example, did you know all of this? 

  • The Magical Moving Merchandise: Ever feel like Costco is a maze? That’s on purpose. Items dance around to keep you wandering—and shopping—longer.
  • The Hot Spot Stays Put: Notice your fav items sticking around in one spot? That’s where they’re selling like hotcakes. If it ain’t broke, Costco doesn’t move it.
  • The Early Bird Gets the Party Platter: Throwing a bash? Give us a heads-up if you’re eyeing those platters. We’ve got plenty, but a little warning never hurt.
  • Sale Cycle Secrets: Patience is a virtue, and at Costco, it can save you some cash. Almost everything gets its moment in the markdown spotlight.
  • Meat Meet-Up: Got a burning question about brisket? Find the meat department’s door. We’re all ears and ready to chat.
  • Missed a Sale? No Sweat: Bought something last week that’s cheaper now? Breathe. Costco’s got your back with a sweet little price adjustment.
  • Rotisserie Chicken Chronicles: Our chickens are plump, juicy, and preservative-free. And yes, they’re that cheap. It’s a loss leader love story.
  • Price Tag Tells All: That little asterisk in the corner? It’s Costco for “grab it now, or you might regret it.”
  • The Backroom Myth: What you see is what we got. The mythical backroom stocked with extras? A Costco urban legend.
  • Coupon Clippers, Beware: We march to the beat of our own drum—no outside coupons. Our in-house deals book, however, is your new best friend.
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  • Casket Carting: Facing tough times? Costco offers more than just bulk beans—we’ve got caskets, too, without the upcharge.
  • Pizza Time: Swing by the food court before you shop. Order a pizza, and it’ll be golden brown by the time you’re done.
  • Special Price Endings: Ever notice those .97s and .00s on price tags? They’re not random—they mean you’re snagging a deal.
  • Bring a Buddy: Costco lets you share the love (and the savings) by bringing guests. No membership? No problem, if you’ve got a friend.
  • Markup Honesty: Costco keeps it real with lower-than-average markups. Your wallet will feel the difference.
  • The Kirkland Conundrum: Not all Kirkland products are created equal. Some are hits; others, well, not so much. Choose wisely.
  • Insider Info Avenues: Want the real scoop? Check out sites like Reddit for tips and tricks from Costco veterans.
  • Membership Meh? Get a Refund: Not feeling the Costco vibe? Get your membership fee back, no questions asked.
  • Look for the Bell: It’s like the dinner bell, but for rotisserie chickens. Fresh batch alert!
  • Cardboard Box Bonanza: Ever wonder why we’re so generous with cardboard boxes? They’re not just for packing—they’re a subtle nudge to buy more.
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There you have it, a treasure trove of Costco secrets straight from the insiders. Next time you push your giant cart through those warehouse doors, you’ll be shopping like a pro, armed with insider knowledge that could save you time, money, and maybe even snag you a few extra perks.