Things You Should Absolutely Avoid Touching in Someone Else’s Home

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Entering someone else’s home is always an interesting experience. It’s a chance to connect, share stories, and create lasting memories. However, while visiting a friend or family member’s house, it’s essential to remember that not everything is up for grabs. There are some things you just shouldn’t touch in someone else’s home, and today, I’m going to share my perspective on this etiquette.

Personal Belongings

The cardinal rule when you’re a guest in someone’s home is to respect their personal space. This includes refraining from touching their personal belongings. Even if you’re close friends or family, it’s best to ask before handling anything that belongs to them. This demonstrates your consideration and respect for their privacy.

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Medicine or Prescriptions

Another area that should be strictly off-limits is the medicine cabinet. You never know what medications someone might be taking, and it’s not your place to investigate. If you need something, like a pain reliever, always ask your host or hostess. This not only respects their privacy but also ensures your safety, as medications can have varying effects on individuals.

Valuables and Collectibles

Many people take pride in their collections, whether it’s rare coins, vintage toys, or valuable artwork. While it’s fascinating to admire someone else’s treasures, it’s essential to do so from a distance. Never touch or handle these items unless the owner explicitly invites you to. It’s a sign of respect for their passions and interests.

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Electronics and Appliances

In this digital age, it’s common to have various electronic gadgets around the house. While it might be tempting to explore someone’s entertainment system or try out their smart home devices, it’s best to ask for permission first. Tinkering with someone else’s electronics can lead to unintentional mishaps and is considered impolite.

Fragile Decor and Artwork

Beautiful decor and artwork often adorn the walls and shelves of a home. Admire these pieces from a distance, but never touch them unless you have the owner’s consent. Even the slightest mishap can lead to irreversible damage, and you don’t want to be responsible for that. Show your appreciation through words rather than actions.

Food and Beverages

When it comes to the kitchen, it’s crucial to be respectful. While you might be offered a snack or a drink, don’t rummage through the fridge or pantry without permission. Always ask before helping yourself to anything in the kitchen, and if you spill or make a mess, offer to clean it up. This demonstrates your consideration for their hospitality.

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Personal Spaces

Avoid entering someone’s bedroom or any other personal spaces without explicit permission. These areas are considered private, and it’s essential to respect boundaries. If you need to use the restroom, stick to the guest bathroom if available. Respect for personal spaces is a fundamental aspect of houseguest etiquette.


If your host has pets, it’s essential to approach them with care and ask how to interact with them. Some animals may not be comfortable with strangers, so it’s crucial to respect their boundaries and not force interaction. Understanding and respecting the host’s pet rules is a sign of your consideration for their furry family members.

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Being a gracious guest in someone else’s home involves respecting their personal space and belongings while following essential etiquette guidelines. While curiosity is natural, it’s crucial to exercise restraint and always ask for permission when in doubt. By combining respect for privacy with good manners, you’ll ensure a pleasant visit and strengthen your relationships with your hosts. Remember, it’s the small gestures of respect and etiquette that make the biggest difference when visiting someone else’s home.