Woman Shares Clever Hack For Removing The White Tendons From Chicken Breasts

source: Insider via Getty/milkroman6

I won’t lie – even after all these years, I still hate handling raw chicken. It’s slimy, it’s cold, and it just looks so completely unappetizing until it’s been cooked. But, someone has to do it! Thankfully, one clever cook devised a method for making this unpleasant job just a little bit easier.

source: Walmart

You’ve likely noticed how all boneless, skinless chicken breasts have those small white parts attached to them. This is pretty gross, but those white parts are actually tendons. They can be difficult to remove, especially since the chicken breasts are pretty slippery.

source: The Gunny Sack

Mandy Klentz shared a video via TikTok of her quick and easy hack for removing the tendons. All you need is a fork and a piece of paper towel, which will give you some grip when holding the tendon. She places the prongs of the fork between the tendon, and is able to remove the entire tendon with one swift motion. Check out the video below to see Mandy’s hack in action:

And there you have it! A quick, simple hack that makes this not-so-pleasant job a little bit easier. Thanks for sharing, Mandy – I will certainly be adding this trick to my list of cooking hacks!