Woman Trades In Her House For A Tiny Teardrop Trailer

source: YouTube/CheapRVliving

You’ve heard of tiny living before, but I don’t think you’ve ever seen it quite like this. After retiring from her career as a pharmacist, Sharon decided to give up her home in favor of mobile, simplified living. She bought a 2015 TAB Teardrop trailer that she now lives in full-time, and hauls behind her four-door Jeep Wrangler.

The tiny trailer features only 12 feet of interior living space, but Sharon has definitely adapted to the lifestyle. Although the trailer does have a two-burner stove, she prefers to cook outside on a camping stove when she can.

“The best thing about a little rig like this is it forces you to spend a lot of time about outside,” she revealed to CheapRVliving. “When you’re doing this lifestyle, it’s about being out in nature and enjoying other people. When you’re in a little rig, you can hole up too long or you’ll get a little nuts and you got to come outside.”

So where is Sharon’s bedroom? Well, the sofa folds down into a bed, which is how she leaves it set up most of the time. The trailer features quite possibly the tiniest washroom in existence, but it has both a minuscule toilet and shower. Sharon can also enjoy heat, air conditioning, and television when she’s hooked up to electricity.

So will Sharon transition back to traditional living any time soon? It doesn’t sound like it. “I have never looked back,” she explained. “I just think that the lifestyle and the people you meet, it’s phenomenal. It’s so much better. I’ve lived in houses, I’ve lived in condos, I’ve lived in beautiful apartments. I’ve lived in places for two or three years and I didn’t know my neighbors. Out on the road, I met so many fantastic people. You meet someone, you’ll have dinner, and oftentimes, you’ll keep in touch.”

Living in a tiny teardrop trailer would definitely be an adjustment, but Sharon seems to have it down to a science. You can click here to watch Sharon’s full video with CheapRVliving. We’re so thrilled for Sharon that she is loving her new, nomadic lifestyle!