Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Bath Mat In The Washing Machine

source: The Mirror/Getty Images

I’m one of those people who will put just about anything in the washing machine. Clothes, towels, bedding, dog beds, you name it – it’s going in the washer. And although I’ve been lucky up until this point, I think it’s time to be a little more careful when it comes to throwing certain items in the wash. And this includes the multiple bath mats we have in our home.

The main function of a bath mat is to absorb water. So, it’s not surprising that they can hold a ton of water. For this reason, bath mats should be kept out of your washing machine. The high quantities of water they absorb make them extremely heavy when sopping wet, which can damage the inside of your washing machine.

source: The Spruce/Theresa Holland

According to Family Handyman, any heavy, water-logged item you put in your washing machine including bath mats, duvets, comforters, sleeping bags, and dog beds can ruin your washing machine’s drain motor and spin basket bearing. These are pretty pricey repairs, and in the event your washing machine is too badly damaged, you may even need to purchase a whole new machine.

If you’re guilty of putting these sorts of items in your washing machine in the past, it’s best to check the amount of space between your machine’s plastic tub and metal spin basket. If there seems to be more than 1/8″ of space between the two, it may need to be adjusted. If you hear heavy clunking when you spin the basket by hand or during the spin cycle, your machine is likely in need of some serious repair.

source: HomeTips via Shutterstock/Bacho

So, instead of throwing your bath mats and other heavy items in your personal washing machine, your best bet is to visit a laundromat with industrial-strength machines. This will protect your own machine, and save you from having to spend a substantial amount of money on repairs or an entire new washing machine down the road!