10 Effective Uses For Leftover Pickle Juice

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There always comes that somewhat sad moment when you reach for the last pickle in the jar. Afterwards, you likely pour the excess pickle juice down the drain without giving it a second thought. However, did you know that pickle juice can actually be used for a ton of different purposes? After reading this, you’ll be saving your extra pickle juice from here on out!

1. Soothes An Upset Tummy

If your stomach is feeling unsettled, try taking a swig of pickle juice. The vinegar content in the juice will soothe an upset stomach and can even help with digestion.

2. Boosts Electrolytes

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Did you know that pickle juice is jam packed with electrolytes? If you’ve had a strenuous workout or are feeling dehydrated, drink a bunch of water and take a drink of pickle juice, too.

3. Relieves A Hangover

After reading #1 and #2, it’s probably not surprising that pickle juice can also help cure a hangover. If your stomach is upset and you’ve lost a ton of electrolytes after a night of drinking, pickle juice can help relieve these things.

4. Makes Recipes Interesting

Many people add a hint of pickle juice to recipes in order to give them an extra boost of flavor. Quite possibly the tastiest of these? Homemade fries made with a few spoonfuls of pickle juice.

5. Takes Drinks To The Next Level

Speaking of recipes, adding pickle juice to certain alcoholic drinks can seriously improve their flavor. Pickle juice seems to taste best when added to Bloody Marys or Caesars.

6. Melts Sidewalk Ice

Run out of road salt right as a big snowstorm hits? Just pour some pickle juice down your driveway instead. It may smell a bit funny, but the high level of sodium in pickle juice is enough to melt ice.

7. Relieves A Sore Throat

You know how many people swear by gargling salt water when they have a sore throat? Well, pickle juice will also do the trick due to its high salt content.

8. Relieves Heartburn

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for more effective ways to treat your heartburn. Many people say that taking a spoonful of pickle juice is an instant way to relieve heartburn.

9. Kills Weeds

Most weeds don’t take too well to vinegar, and pickle juice has a lot of vinegar in it. Pour some pickle juice on your weeds and they should shrivel up before long.

10. Make Pickles

This one may sound like a given, but you can easily use pickle juice to replenish your pickle supply! Just add some cucumbers into the pickle juice and let them sit in your fridge for about a week.