5 Ways To Prevent Veggies From Getting Freezer Burn

source: Clean Eating Magazine

I simply don’t know what I would do without my freezer! I try my hardest not to waste any food, which is why freezers are so convenient. However, it’s always disappointing when you go to pull out some veggies from your freezer, only to discover that they’ve been ruined by freezer burn. To ensure your veggies freeze properly, check out these tips.

1. Let Foods Cool

source: Macheesmo

A surefire way to freezer burn food is by sticking it in the freezer when it’s still hot or warm. Ensure whatever you’re freezing has cooled to at least room temperature before sealing and storing it.

2. The Colder, The Better

source: Cooking Light / istockphoto.com

When the temperature within your freezer fluctuates, it can lead to freezer burn. Ensure that your freezer’s temperature is consistently below 0 degrees, and try not to leave the freezer door open for very long.

3. Stock Your Freezer

source: Real Simple

Another tip for preventing freezer burn? Keep your freezer about 75% full! When foods are surrounded by other frozen foods, it will regulate the temperature and keep everything cold.

4. Store Properly

source: Soup Chick

Not all food types should be stored in the same containers. When storing food in bags, use sealable or vacuum-sealed bags to try to get out as much of the air as possible. Soups and sauces should ideally be stored in plastic containers with a small amount of room at the top, as liquids expand when they freeze.

5. The Power Of Aluminum Foil

source: teachtheyoungerwomen.wordpress.com

Aluminum foil works wonders if you don’t have an appropriate-size bag or container to freeze something in. Even if you’ve already stored something in a container or bag, wrapping it in a layer of aluminum foil will ensure it stays cold.