6 Tips For Keeping A Clean, Organized Home

source: Public Storage

Maintaining a neat and tidy home is easier said than done, especially if you have children. However, there are a number of small, simple things you can do on a regular basis to keep your home in tip-top shape. Here are 6 things that people with clean, organized homes always do.

1. Streamline

It’s so easy to hold onto things, but this is exactly how piles of junk start to accumulate. People with organized homes don’t hold onto things that serve no purpose, and they constantly sort through items to either toss, keep, or donate.

2. Don’t Rely On Spring Cleaning

source: Symphony Senior Living

If you leave a number of household chores to be done during “spring cleaning,” you’ll be completely overwhelmed by housework when that time comes. Establish a cleaning schedule of chores you’ll do regularly, and add in some bigger jobs once a month.

3. Don’t Overdecorate

source: time2dance

You probably know someone whose home embodies the term “overdecorate.” Heck, maybe it’s even you who’s the over-decorator. Choose a moderate amount of home decor items to accent each room. Too many things will only make your home look cluttered.

4. Don’t Hoard Paperwork

Organized people tend to have one file folder where they store important bills, receipts, mail, and other paperwork. Go through this file folder once a year and shred anything that’s no longer worth keeping. This is how you avoid having stacks of random papers throughout your home.

5. Assign Everything A Spot

source: De-clutter Me!

To an organized person, every item has its place. So no, that hat does not belong on the kitchen island — it belongs in the bin in the hallway closet. And that screwdriver you used once a month ago? It belongs in the toolbox in the basement, not on the desk in the office.

6. Don’t Get Lazy

source: The Organized Mama

It’s so easy to say, “I’m exhausted, I’ll load the dishwasher in the morning.” Or, “I’ll fold those loads of laundry later on today.” But that’s how housework adds up, and the more you let it, the more you’ll procrastinate. Do the small stuff as it happens and there won’t be a long list of chores to tackle down the road!