9 Surprising Ways To Use Bacon Grease

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Mmmmmm, bacon. That delicious, salty food that makes breakfasts, lunches, and dinners all that much better. If you previously threw away the grease after cooking bacon, this list might make you reconsider. Store your bacon grease in a jar, and use it for these 9 genius hacks!

1. Grease Your Skillets

Cast iron skillets are great for a number of reasons, but they’re also pretty hard to take care of. If you coat your skillet in a bit of bacon grease before cooking with it, it will stay clean and rust-free for longer.

2. Grease Any Pans

Bacon grease isn’t just useful for cast iron skillets. You can use it to grease any pan instead of using olive oil, coconut oil, cooking spray, or anything else you generally use.

3. Fry Up Some Potatoes

What could possibly be more delicious than perfectly seasoned baby potatoes? Well, baby potatoes that are fried in bacon grease. Although you may not want to make this version every morning, it’s a wonderful hack for over-the-moon tasty potatoes.

4. Make Some Sweet And Savory French Toast

source: All Recipes

Speaking of yummy things to cook with bacon grease, why not make some French toast? If you add a little bacon grease to the pan you’re frying the toast in, the flavor will be a perfect combination of sweet and salty. Is anyone else drooling?

5. The Perfect Eggs

And one more thing to cook bacon grease in… eggs! Just pop a spoonful into your pan before cracking the eggs, and you’ll have the most delicious, flavorful eggs in existence.

6. Homemade Salad Dressing

Before the bacon grease reaches the congealed stage, you can use it instead of oil to make a yummy salad dressing. Just mix it with some balsamic or other vinegar-based oil for a tasty (and cheap!) salad dressing.

7. DIY Candles

source: Thrillist

Love bacon so much that you want to make a candle out of it? Well, you can! Click here for an easy tutorial on how to make candles out of old bacon grease. Sounds like a fun project for a rainy afternoon!

8. Remove Stuck-On Labels

source: wikiHow

Bacon grease is great for removing that annoying sticker residue from labels. Just smudge some bacon grease on the area, then use a scrub brush and regular cleaning product to take it off. Easy!

9. DIY Bird Feeder

source: Gogrowgo

Want to make your own bird feeder? Just take a toilet paper roll and roll it in bacon grease. Then, roll it in bird seed. You can attach a string to the top and hang it in any areas where the birds like to hang out!