How To Use A Shower Curtain Liner As A Kiddy Pool For The Next Beach Day


Bringing little kids (especially toddlers) to the beach can be a trying task. Before leaving, you have to ensure that your car is packed with enough food, sun protection, and activities to keep them safe, busy, and happy until you’re ready to go home.

Many people bring inflatable wading pools with them, but blowing them up and deflating them can be a chore. As it turns out, one clever mom developed a hack that’s way better, easier, and cheaper than bringing an inflatable pool to the beach for little kids.

source: 2sparrows

Megan Wilson had seen someone else post this hack on the internet and thought she would give it a try. All she did was bring a cheap, plastic shower curtain liner to the beach for a DIY kid pool. If you dig out a slight hole in the sand, you can place the liner overtop, fill it with water, and plop your child in for a whole day of fun!

This hack is great for many reasons. Firstly, it saves you the pain of bringing, inflating, and deflating a kiddie pool. Secondly, it can easily be placed under a beach umbrella so that your child stays in the shade. And last but not least, Megan and her family simply tossed the liner out when they were ready to head home. You can also just rinse off the liner and use it for next time (which is better for the environment, too!).

It goes without saying that Megan’s son, Davis, loved the hack as well. Your child can safely splash around in some water without being covered in sand or exposed to the hot sun. Place some toys in with your child, and you’ve all got the makings for a great beach day!

Thanks to Megan for sharing this genius hack! I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be keeping this one in mind!