DIY Solution For Quickly Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes

sources: Flickr / Epic Gardening via Pandiyan / Trovoadasonhos

Mosquitoes are by far the worst part about warm weather. They buzz around making an awful whining sound, waiting for the perfect chance to land on you, your family, and your pets. A few seconds on your skin is all they need to leave a nasty bite that itches for days. To sum it up… mosquitoes suck! And they’re also not easy to get rid of.

source: BBC

If you’re having a mosquito problem in your outdoor spaces, you can light citronella candles and use bug spray. However, these seem to be more short-term solutions, and they aren’t always that effective. That’s where this DIY solution comes in.

source: Trovoadasonhos

According to Pest Control Technology, Wisdom TC Flowable (a barrier spray that can be found at most hardware and tractor supply stores) is excellent for warding off mosquitoes. All you have to do is administer the spray around your yard’s perimeter, your home’s foundation, or bordering shrubbery to help control resting adult mosquitoes. 

Although mosquito season is coming to an end for some of us, many people are plagued by these annoying pests all year round. If you’ve tried other methods of ridding mosquitoes to no avail, this cheap, DIY solution might be worth a shot!