11 Plants That Promote A Positive Environment In Your Home

source: Stocksy

Our homes are supposed to be our places of peace and relaxation. You want your home to be a safe haven filled with positive energy. Thankfully, plants are an excellent, natural way to achieve this! Here are 11 indoor plants that promote a positive environment in the home.

1. Peace Lily

Peace lilies cleanse the air throughout your home and are also thought to promote better sleeping patterns. They’re also a sign of physical and emotional well-being.

2. Money Plant

source: Patel Nursery

As the name suggests, money plants are thought to promote financial prosperity. They’re also thought to lower anxiety and attract good fortune.

3. Rosemary

source: Carousell

Rosemary is believed to cleanse the air and improve mood. Plus, it’s a delicious herb for cooking with!

4. Aloe Vera

source: WikiHow

Aloe vera is believed to neutralize negative energy while promoting happiness. It’s also great to have on hand to soothe a nasty sunburn.

5. English Ivy

source: Learning Center / Shutterstock

English ivy is another air purifier. It’s also said to relieve stress and boost mood.

6. Orchid

Orchids are another plant that cleanse the air and increase general positivity. They’re also just absolutely gorgeous to look at!

7. Sage

source: Balcony Garden Web / Getty images

Sage is an herb thought to ward off feelings of fear and negativity while promoting a peaceful environment. Sage is also another great herb for cooking with.

8. Areca Palm

source: PlantShop / Waitrose Garden

Areca palms naturally cleanse the air throughout your home while enhancing feelings of relaxation and happiness.

9. Holy Basil

source: Logee’s

Holy basil is one of the most effective plants for removing toxins and releasing oxygen. It’s also said to neutralize negative environments.

10. Lucky Bamboo

source: YouTube/JoyUsGarden

Lucky bamboo is an important aspect of Feng Sui. It’s excellent for promoting energy and physical wellness.

11. Jasmine

source: Gardenerdy / Shutterstock

Jasmine has an extremely strong scent that promotes feelings of romance, familial bonds, and peace.