11 Creative Ways To Get Organized With Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

sources: Cherry Blossoms and Chai / wikiHow

Most of us are in the habit of tossing empty toilet paper rolls straight in the recycling bin – I know I am! However, did you know these seemingly useless pieces of cardboard can actually be used for a ton of different little projects around the house? After reading through this list, I’m willing to bet you’ll be hanging on to those empty toilet paper rolls from here on out.

1. Keep Wrapping Paper In Place

source: Cherry Blossoms and Chai

Keep wrapping paper from spilling out everywhere by using empty toilet paper rolls as “sleeves” to keep it in place.

2. Organize Cables

source: wikiHow

Everyone has that one drawer or box that’s full of tangled, loose cables. Keep your cables organized by storing them in empty toilet paper rolls. Label the outside of each roll so you know exactly what each cord is for.

3. Phone Holder

source: The Seaman Mom

Four thumbtacks stuck in the bottom of an empty toilet paper roll makes for the perfect DIY phone holder!

4. DIY Christmas Ornaments

With a little bit of imagination, an empty toilet paper roll can easily be turned into a cute Christmas tree ornament!

5. Festive Wreath

source: Jilliene Designing / Kifli és levendula

Empty toilet paper rolls can also be turned into a festive wreath like this one! Click here for the step-by-step tutorial.

6. Bird Feeder

source: The Neighborhood Moms

Slather some peanut butter across an empty toilet paper roll, then roll it in bird seed. Use some string to hang the roll from a tree branch. The neighborhood birds will love you!

7. Pencil Holder

source: The Seaman Mom

Decorate empty toilet paper rolls and use them to store pencils, pencil crayons, pens, and more! This also makes for a great kids’ craft.

8. Gift Boxes

source: The Spruce Crafts

Fold down the ends of an empty toilet paper roll, wrap some ribbon around it, and you’ve got yourself a great little gift box for the holiday season.

9. Kids’ Craft Idea

source: Bright Star Kids / Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls

There are so many awesome kids’ craft ideas that involve using empty toilet paper rolls. How cute are these animals?!

10. Cat Toy

source: Mad Paws / Image courtesy of Christina Smolnik-Smith

Is your furry friend in need of some new toys? Instead of heading to the pet store, you can try making toys from empty toilet paper rolls.

11. Napkin Rings

source: Instructables

Have some extra fabric lying around? Cut some empty toilet paper rolls to your preferred size and glue fabric around them for your own set of DIY napkin rings.