11 Foods That Basically Never Expire

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There are certain foods that we’ve had in our pantry for so long, we just assume that they must have gone bad by now. However, there are certain foods that never expire… no matter how long you hang onto them for! Here are 11 foods that you should never throw away because they’ll never go bad.

1. Honey

source: Abel & Cole

As long as you keep honey in a cool, dark place, you can keep it forever. Plus, honey is delicious!

2. Salt

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As long as it’s not being kept in a humid environment, salt doesn’t expire. It might lose flavor over time, but it won’t go bad.

3. Canned Goods

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As long as the can hasn’t been compromised, canned goods can be eaten a few years after their labeled expiration dates.

4. Vanilla Extract

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If you keep your vanilla extract in a cool, dark place, you can keep it forever.

5. Alcohol

source: Punch

As long as you’re not keeping hard alcohol in direct sunlight, it pretty much never goes bad.

6. Sugar

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If you keep sugar in a cool, dark place and in an airtight container, it will never go bad.

7. Pasta

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You can keep and eat pasta forever, but it’s best to store it in an airtight container after opening the package.

8. Rice

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When it comes to rice, the same goes as with pasta! You just want to avoid exposing both foods to any form of humidity.

9. White Vinegar

source: Cnet

If you keep your bottle of white vinegar tightly shut, you can use it indefinitely.

10. Cornstarch

source: Off The Grid News / FunnyLoveBlog

You can use cornstarch to thicken sauces and such forever as long as you store it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

11. Spices

Keep them in sealed bags or firmly shut jars and your spices will stay good forever.