8 Expert Bathroom Cleaning Tips To Make The Job Easier

source: YouTube/Household Hacker

Let’s face it – no one actually enjoys cleaning the bathroom. It’s tedious, somewhat gross, and there are just so many surfaces to clean. Fortunately, there are some great cleaning hacks out there to help you get the job done faster and more effectively. Here they are!

1. Say Goodbye To Shower Scum

source: Sweet Parrish Place

You know when your shower gets covered in mildew and that cloudy-looking shower scum? A regular old cleaning product just won’t cut it. Fill a dish wand (the ones with the sponge or scrubber on the end) with half distilled vinegar and half liquid dish soap. Scrub the shower with the wand, rinse, and your shower will be sparkling clean.

2. Disinfect Your Toilet Brush

source: Country Diaries

It’s no secret that your toilet brush has one of the toughest jobs around. To keep it clean and fresh-smelling, add some Pine-Sol (or other all-purpose cleaner) to the bottom of your toilet brush holder and replenish as needed.

3. The Screwdriver Hack

source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

It’s important to deep clean all parts of your toilet, even the hard-to-reach places. Place a cleaning wipe on the end of a screwdriver. Use the wipe-covered screwdriver to reach those nooks and crannies including beneath the seat attachment.

4. Deep Clean The Toilet

source: Winters Home Services / iStock

You don’t need a ton of harsh, chemical-filled cleaners to tackle the toilet. Just use distilled vinegar! You can clean every part of the toilet with distilled vinegar including the seat, bowl, and water tank. Soak a paper towel in vinegar and pack it under the rim of the toilet bowl, letting it sit for 10 minutes. This will help to clean that hard-to-reach residue.

5. Clean Mirrors With Tea

source: Lonabarpres / The Krazy Coupon Lady

This may sound odd, but tea is a great natural product for cleaning mirrors. Brew some strong black tea (three to four bags in water) and spray it on your mirrors. Wipe clean with paper towel (or newspaper for a streak-free shine).

6. Get Rid Of Hard Water Stains

source: Expert Home Tips

Hard water stains are always unsightly on chrome faucets and fixtures. You can easily get rid of them by rubbing the fleshy side of a lemon over the chrome!

7. Unclog A Shower Head

source: Anthony’s Plumbing / Curious Nut

If the water pressure of your shower doesn’t seem to be very strong, your shower head may be clogged. Fill a plastic bag with distilled vinegar and fasten the bag to the shower head. Let it sit for eight hours. When you remove the bag, the shower head should run normally again.

8. Disinfect Your Toothbrush Holder

source: HuffPost / Flickr

Don’t forget to clean your toothbrush holder every once in a while! You can simply toss it in your dishwasher for a deep clean.

Hopefully these genius cleaning hacks help you to stop procrastinating cleaning the bathroom. Let’s get to it!