22 Everyday Items With Little-Known Meanings

sources: Yummymummyclub / William Gee

It’s pretty wild how so many items we see and use each day have hidden or little-known meanings. No matter how much common sense you may believe you possess, we’re willing to bet that many of these everyday items with secret meanings will leave you saying, “How did I not know that?!” Well, after reading this list, you’ll have a brand new set of knowledge to go with the products you use each and every day.

1. Baby Onesie

source: Twitter/@Hellchick

Have you ever wondered why baby onesies have those odd neck and shoulder shapes? They’re designed like this so that the onesie can be stretched and pulled down over the baby in the event of an unpleasant diaper fiasco.

2. Microwave

source: Technology News World

You might be surprised to learn that the majority of microwaves have a “mute” function. So, if you don’t want to wake anyone up early in the morning or late at night with that incessant beeping, just hit mute!

3. Rearview Mirror

source: Youtube

The tab on the bottom of your vehicle’s rearview mirror can be flipped to reduce the glare at night from the vehicle’s headlights driving behind you.

4. Extra Fabric

source: ScoopWhoop

Although many people believe that small piece of fabric that comes with many new clothes is for patching a future hole, it’s actually meant for testing cleaning supplies on.

5. Soda Can Tab

source: Being Indian / Flickr

If you open a soda can tab and twist the tab around to the opening, you can use it as a straw holder for your drink.

6. Condiment Cup

source: Reddit

Those paper condiment cups you get at fast food restaurants are meant to expand. That way, you’re able to fit way more ketchup in them!

7. Bobby Pins

It turns out we’ve been using bobby pins incorrectly for our entire lives. The wavy part is actually supposed to face down, as those bumps are meant to act as grips to help the bobby pin stay in place.

8. Keyboard

source: Lenovo Blog

Many modern computer and laptop keyboards are designed with a small drain at the front. If you spill something, the liquid will drain through instead of damaging the keys or computer itself.

9. Cup Coasters

source: Reddit

When you get a drink cup from a fast food restaurant, the coaster is designed to be used underneath the cup as a coaster.

10. Takeout Containers

source: HuffPost / Foodbeast

You know those cardboard takeout containers provided by Chinese restaurants? The sides are meant to fold down so that they can be used as a makeshift plate.

11. Gas Tank

source: Allstate / iStock

You know the little gas tank reader located on your vehicle’s dash? The tiny arrow beside the gas icon informs the driver which side the gas tank is on.

12. Bread Tags

source: Pinterest / Aliblumenthal

Have you ever wondered why bread tags come in different colors? Each color signals a specific day, which informs the grocers what day the bread was shipped on.

13. Pincushion

source: William Gee

You know those old fashioned pincushions that feature a larger tomato and smaller strawberry? Well, the strawberry contains an emery board. When you stick your pins and needles into the strawberry, the emery board sharpens them and keeps them free of rust.

14. Elevator Door

source: LifeBuzz / Reddit

That tiny hole on elevator doors isn’t a peephole. It’s actually a keyhole used by elevator technicians to open and service the elevator.

15. Aluminum Foil Box

source: MSN / eatthis.com

Those end tabs on your aluminum foil and plastic wrap boxes are meant to be pushed in. The cardboard locks the roll into place so you don’t accidentally pull the whole thing out when you go to use it.

16. Jean Pocket

source: Today

You know that tiny pocket above the main pocket on your jeans? It seems too small to be of any practical use, but that pocket was actually designed to hold pocket watches back in the day.

17. Pen Lid

source: Business Insider / Wikimedia

Have you ever wondered why pen lids have tiny holes in the top? This was designed in case someone accidentally swallows the cap. Even if the lid gets caught in someone’s throat, the hole will still allow air to pass through their airway.

18. Beauty Products & Makeup

source: Insider

Yes, makeup and beauty products do expire! That little symbol tells you how many months the product is good for after it’s been opened.

19. Pot Handle

If your pot handle has a hole in the end, it was designed to be used as a spoon holder while cooking.

20. Pasta Ladle

source: PopSugar

Speaking of cooking, those pasta ladles with the holes in the center are designed to measure out one serving of spaghetti.

21. Converse

source: Aol. / iStockphoto

If you own a pair of Converse sneakers, you may be wondering what those two extra holes are for. In addition to providing ventilation, they can also be used for laces to provide more ankle support.

22. Pom Pom Hats

source: Lisa Angel

Knit hats with pom poms on the top don’t look that way for fashion reasons. Or at least, that wasn’t their original intention! Those pom poms were meant to protect sailors if they accidentally hit their heads while moving around on a ship.