How To Make A DIY Ice Melt With Just 3 Ingredients

source: YouTube/WYFF News 4

If you live somewhere that sees cold, snowy winters, you may be like me and have mixed feelings about the season. I think snow is pretty, especially around the holidays, and I like certain outdoor activities like skiing and snowshoeing. However, there’s one thing about winter that I could definitely do without – and that’s icy, slippery walkways, sidewalks, and steps.

source: Home Reference / Adobe Stock

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve completed slipped down my front steps, or have fallen on the sidewalk in front of our house while walking the dog. I don’t like to buy store-bought ice melt because it’s filled with harsh chemicals, and is far from pet or wildlife-friendly. Thankfully, there’s a DIY version you can make that’s cheap and safe for both people and animals alike.

source: The Make Your Own Zone

WYFF News 4 created a three-ingredient ice melt that’s super effective and super cheap to make. All you have to do is mix together half a gallon of warm water, six drops of liquid dish soap (blue Dawn works well), and two ounces of rubbing alcohol. Once the ingredients are mixed together, simply pour the solution on any icy outdoor areas, and the ice will melt away.

source: How Daily

To see this hack in action, check out the video below:

Now that you know this cheap and simple hack, your chances of slipping on icy walkways and steps have just seriously decreased. And now, let’s enjoy winter for all of its positive qualities, and leave the slipping/falling in the past!