8 Creative And Clever Parenting Hacks

source: Reddit/Lifehacks

Listen – if you’re a parent, you don’t need me to tell you that raising a child is truly the hardest job on earth. Between trying to keep them safe and trying to keep them entertained, being a parent is no joke. Fortunately, some clever parents along the way came up with hacks to help keep our kids safe and busy, and to help us parents keep our sanity.

1. Activity Organizer

source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Going on a road trip? Fill a shoe organizer with toys and activities for your kids to do while on the road. Hopefully this stops them from asking, “Are we there yet?” so many times!

2. Snack Caddy

source: Mama Momtourage

Speaking of road trips, a cheap shower caddy is perfect for storing snacks, drinks, and more for the drive. Hand your child their caddy at the beginning of the trip, and tell them that they need to make their snacks last until you either reach your destination or decide to stop somewhere.

3. Bed Bumper Guards

source: Kaleidoscope Living

Are your kids constantly rolling off of their beds in the night? Some strategically placed pool noodles and a fitted sheet can act as bumper guards.

4. No-Drip Popsicles

source: Fun With Kids / Flickr

To prevent your kids’ popsicles from dripping everywhere, stick a cupcake liner on the bottom!

5. Hammock Hack

source: Joyful Abode

With a sturdy table and a sheet, you can make a DIY hammock in the comfort of your own home.

6. Laundry Basket Tub Help

source: LifeHacker

You already know that you should never, ever leave a toddler unattended in the bathtub. Placing a laundry basket in the tub can help prop your toddler up and keep their bath toys close to them.

7. Cardboard Box Hack

source: Learning 4 Kids

Bored kid? Hand them an empty cardboard box, some pencil crayons, and stickers. It’ll keep them busy for quite some time!

8. Safe Barbecuing

source: Instagram/@ladbabyofficial

To prevent young kids from getting too close to the barbecue, put a portable baby gate around the barbecue.

Now that you have a few more parenting hacks up your sleeve, hopefully you can put these to good use. Good luck!