There’s A Farm Selling Miniature Cows And I Absolutely Need One

source: Instagram/@wildchildfarm

The world has a noticeable fascination with miniature animals. Pigs, dogs, goats, you name it – people love tiny animals. And I have a new one to add to the list – and that’s miniature cows. Lovable Little Ones, a farm in Eastern Colorado, is breeding and selling quality miniature and micro-miniature cows. Each calf is halter-broke, trained to be around children and adults, and of course, extremely lovable!

So, why mini cows? Well, mini cows are excellent for people who want to own cows, but are dealing with limited acreages. They are extremely affectionate, social, and produce high-quality fertilizer. Plus, they’re easy to contain and will mow your lawn, too!

You know those hairy cows you see in photos of Scottish fields? Well, Lovable Little Ones breeds micro-mini highland cows. Yup, those adorable, long-haired cows but in a miniature format!

The mini cows come in all sorts of different colors, and I’m fairly certain the photos of them speak for themselves. If you’re lucky enough to have a bit of property, maybe a mini cow would be the perfect addition to your family!

To find out more information on Lovable Little Ones’ cows and their breeding program, click here. I honestly think we may need to move to the country, just so we can add one of these little cuties to our family!